Mocha will fix everything;
Most of the time;

LoZ: Windwaker is so adorbs what even

My bday pressies came in the mail finally, a WII U and an Umbreon Plushie :D  So happy


Stephen Colbert reports on the latest international skirmish. Click here to watch.


Im being held hostage by the cutest pack of wild dogs iv ever seen ;c someone help, im trapped on top of a rock where they cant reach me ;c



I was trying to explain to my grandma what being bisexual meant and saying that I looked at ladies butts and she was all
"You’re not GAY everyone checks out ladies rear ends" and my sister was like "I have never wanted to look at a ladies butt"
Later my grandma called me and was like “I THINK I MIGHT BE A LITTLE GAY”


So I must have lost another follower last night because I get a new one and still have the same amount. Did my Hana Kimi spam annoy you? Sorry :P 

Okay I’ll stop. I’ll stop. 

THough seriously, if anyone got me all the hana kimi manga I would literally throw myself at you. def my fave manga series ever, 

Better to read it first then watch the dramas though c


I gave leo an Oscar